CTRL ALT ESC Escape Rooms

CTRL ALT ESC proudly present a brand new Escape Room experience!

Standard game time of 90 minutes at no extra charge!

Are you ready to take on a padlock free room with technology based games and puzzles?

We can't wait to see you try 'Frankenscape'- 

Genius inventor Alec Smart and his assistant Tricity have gone missing.In his workshop nothing is where it should be.The strange force they invented 'Alectricity'  has the ability to create life itself... but only when lightening strikes. A thunderstorm is coming and has been forecast to last 90 minutes.  With Alec and Tricity nowhere to be found, your team need to finish his work before the storm passes, or risk forfeiting this ground breaking discovery. You have 90 minutes to finish creating "The Monster" who is the only one who can reveal your escape route.

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£70 to play the room and can accommodate from 2 - 6 people for one game

Opening Times

Open daily from 10am til 10pm with extended hours on bank holidays and over Halloween.