Margate History Walkers

We offer a range of 'Walks' covering the Heritage and History of Margate - the forgotten gem of East Kent.

History Walks can be booked for groups of up to 8, with more than 8 people arranged on request and two or more History Walkers will be provided to ensure that everyone has the optimum time and attention. When booking for a larger group please email or call in advance to avoid disappointment

Walks offered:

Margate Architecture – This walk is for the more ambitious walker, it will take you though the history of Margate's development using its Architecture as a guide. 

Margate Museum and Old Town - This walk is a personal introduction to the splendid Margate Museum, the Borough Police Force, Jail and Magistrates Court. You will be introduced to some of the Wonderful Characters of Margate and stories you would never believe, if it were not history.

The Shell Grotto and Dane Park – This walk will show how in the mid 19th Century this area of Cliftonville developed with the rest of Margate, in offering health-giving benefits of visiting, with a sanatorium in the old ‘Chateau Belle Vue’ and fun and entertainment with the Wilderness Pleasure Gardens and later on Dane Park. There was something extra too with the discovery of the wonderful Shell Grotto in 1835.

Margate Historic High Street – Margate Historic High Street and the Story of Marine Drive. Take an easy walk from Margate Clock tower along the route of shoppers down the High Street. Find out about Sea Bathing and the shops and shopkeepers that made this a premier experience through the Georgian, Victorian Era and well into the 20th Century. Find out who and why Marine Drive was built and the sorry tale of it's construction and cost, drawing on the work of the Margate Historical Society.

Georgian Margate - Margate has a fine collection of intact Georgian Buildings and Squares; in this walk you will take a tour of The Old Town onto Cecil & Hawley Squares in Central Margate. This is a gentle walk with one hill and suitable for all levels of walkers. Come and see Margate in its Prime, this was the summer home of the Rich and Famous in the Period 1750s to 1870s. Come and experience the subtle architecture, hear about the growth of Margate as a place for 'health' and to come to be seen.

Cost of each History Walk is £8 per adult, payable in advance (discounts available for Groups, Accompanied children and over 65s