Sarre WWII Trail

The village of Sarre developed at a key road junction on the approach to the Isle of Thanet. In 1940 it also controlled one approach to RAF Manston.

In July, because of its strategic importance, the village was turned into a strong-point by the 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion

Sarre was to be a model defence village. The Battalion was instructed “…to prepare the village of Sarre for all round defence, as an example for what might be done to other villages.”

The village was divided into a Company HQ with three platoon areas. Many buildings, including houses were fortified, roadblocks were established and pipe mines were placed under the roads and bridges.

This trail will explore the key sites of Second World War defence around Sarre. We shall explore the methods by which the government hoped to resist enemy invasion and highlight the rich archaeological landscape available to those interested in the history of defence.

The walk starts at The Crown Inn which was used by RAF pilots from Manston during the war. Their names can still be seen scratched on the window glass.

Please note that all the properties featured in this trail are private property