The Sailor's Church and Harbour Mission

The Sailor’s Church and Harbour Mission, close by the foot of Jacob’s Ladder was built in 1878 by Canon Eustace Brenan, vicar of the nearby Christ Church. The first stone was laid by the Marquis of Conyngham on 8th July 1878

He saw the need for spiritual guidance and physical help for the men and boys who made up the crews of the sailing smacks who fished out of Ramsgate in the nineteenth century. It was dangerous, arduous work, especially for the young apprentices who were called ‘Smack Boys’. When the apprentices were ashore, they were provided with some comfort in the rooms above the church and later, in the Smack Boys Home next door.

The use of the home slowly changed to receiving sailors that had been rescued, mostly from wrecks on the Goodwin Sands. Later some 3,300 survivors of the First World War are known to have been fed, clothed, sheltered and medically treated here

Today the church offers visitors a quiet place for rest, reflection and prayer