Trialogue: Omi Abdullah, Julia Iwasz, Nicholas Addison

07 Oct 2016 - 11 Oct 2016

‘Trialogue’ (A three - way conversation or debate)

Trialogue explores what happens when three artists working differently come together through ties of friendship. Elaborate, painted palimpsests meet intense, repetitive drawings alongside images of detritus; unexpected convergences emerge.

The three artists are showing works which share some of the same concerns. Although they have attempted to bring out similarities, they use different methods and techniques, focusing on the underlying thought process rather than any similarity of the end result.  Both Addison and Iwasz make use of discarded, overlooked or ephemeral material, Abdullah and Iwasz use text within their work and Addison and Abdullah share an interest in Zanzibar, its geography and its culture.  Repetition and complexity of surface is another link between the artists. An occasional connection of the political and the personal informs the work of all three.

Friday 11am-9pm/ Saturday/Sunday 11am-6pm Monday/Tuesday 11am-6pm