Albee Vector – The Sound Collector

23 Oct 2016

Greenlight Theatre presents ALBEE VECTOR – THE SOUND COLLECTOR

An epic tale of love, adventure and a sound-hoover called Mustard.

Find out how Albee and his love Andromeda survived kings, curses and cruelty, on their quest for beautiful sounds across the world.

Sounds are running low so Albee will need a few more noises to tell this particular story… Can you help him? He’ll need you to make popping, fizzing, hissing, clopping, whizzing, whooshing, banging, crashing, and probably a fart a noise or two!

Greenlight Theatre was founded in 2011 by Sam Woolf and Sadie Spencer. The company engages with how technology opens up communication channels and affects the way we think and behave.

This tour is presented by house.

Tickets* Standard £6, Family of 4 £20, Schools £5
*Booking fee applies: 50p per ticket holder in person/phone, £1.50 per ticket holder online