Count Arthur Strong

21 Jun 2017

Using stories and other things that are secret, Count Arthur Strong, showbiz legend, pays tribute to one of the best musicals he can remember. Uniquely recreating the salient and poignant moments for your enjoyment. Plus something else. Don’t miss this amazing event.

‘Just gets funnier and funnier’ The Guardian

‘…left me light headed with delight’ The Guardian

‘…never needed to resort to toilet humour or swearing to maintain one and a half hours of pure hilarity’ Manchester Evening News

‘Delaney’s observation of Variety is superb’ The Scottish Herald

‘Delaney has the gift Tommy Cooper possessed and many covet’ Liverpool Echo

‘An evening of inspired lunacy’ Brighton Argus

‘His performance was flawless…’ Bristol Post

‘A relentless blast of comic surprises’ The Times

Tickets* Standard £20
*Booking fee applies: 50p per ticket holder in person/phone, £1.50 per ticket holder online
Ages: 14+