Margate Festival: Shore

16 Sep 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

Part of the Margate Festival

This photography exhibition shows a stretch of coastline that is particularly familiar – just a short walk from Vortigern Gallery and from the artists’ own home.

The locations are all within a day’s walk or sail, or a morning’s cycle along this coastline – exploring the architecture of the coast, the obstructions we present to the sea, the shapes we use to steer the tide, protect the island and construct a shore.

Shooting on film with ‘use by’ dates ranging from 1980 to 2020, the artist can never be sure what the results will be; reflecting the surprises to be discovered in walking, sailing and cycling along the coastline on our doorstep.

About the Artist- Jason Pay is a photographer based in Margate, he follows his enthusiasm for adventure, and is inspired by a childhood boating about in muck, living by the sea and climbing mountains.

Inspired by nature, the environment, and simple living, Jason’s ambition is to make his audience look, explore, and escape in his photographs and to be provoked to actually walk, swim, cycle and sail in the places. Jason loves the sound a tent zip makes in the morning.

Gallery open Thurs - Sun 12pm - 5pm