Margate Festival: Various Performances

09 Sep 2016 - 24 Sep 2016

The Tom Thumb Theatre presents various shows in conjunction with The Margate Festival

Pretty Ugly, Friday 9th September, 7:30pm, £10

This is about you rating me based solely on my looks…

It is also about a recent worldwide trend of teenage girls posting videos on YouTube asking viewers to rate their looks. And what happened when artist-researcher Louise Orwin tried it herself. It is about our obsessions, and pretensions, and teenage girls- but don’t let that put you off. It is about you and me and the internet.


Electromatronic at Margate, Saturday 10th September7:30pm, £5 OTD

Electromatronic brings a collection of live electronic music to lovely Tom Thumb theatre in Margate. Featuring performances by: CSMA, Iris Garrelfs and Athelstan Sound Ensemble.


Jazz at the Tom Thumb, Wednesday 14th September, 8:00pm, £8

Join us for another evening of Jazz at the Tom Thumb. Tony Hudd on guitar will be in attendance, alongside special guests.


Garden, Friday 16th September, 7:30pm, £10

Produced by How Small. How Far

Garden is a humorous and poetic story about trying to form a meaningful connection to the world, when you feel out of step with everyone else in it.


The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole, Saturday 17th September7:30pm, £10

Gavin Plimsole feels a flutter in his heart: Is it heartburn? Is it that girl across the room? Or is it a malformation of his heart – a sticky, red time-bomb? Gavin is given a life-changing diagnosis. If you had a finite number of heartbeats, how would you make each beat count?


Little Opry, Saturday 24th September, 7:30pm, £8

Blossom Hill Bluegrass Band plays a mixture of hard driving bluegrass and contemporary music. Led by the energetic showman Gary Payne, you are always in for an entertaining show featuring close harmonies, brisk and soulful melodies.

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