Amy Mason: Mass

22 Oct 2016

When the busy Amy Mason was travelling on ran two people over she found herself praying for the first time in years. The experience led her to think about life, faith, and the way we deal with tragedy in an increasingly secular society. Told using the structure of a Roman Catholic mass, Amy explores her own Catholic upbringing, her rejection of faith, and asks questions about religious experience and the value of religious ritual. A funny, moving autobiographical solo show for those of us who aren’t quite sure how we feel about God.

‘A hoot…Big themes, big thoughts, delivered with divinely deceptive simplicity and no self-flagellation: I’m a convert.’  – Bristol 24 / 7

‘Tonight we discovered a genius called Amy Mason….Find her. Watch her’ – Dawn O’Porter

‘Raw and powerful with a rich seam of black humour’ – The Sunday Mirror

Tickets £10 Book Here