DANAD: The Art of Pop Design

08 Oct 2016 - 09 Oct 2016

Danad, an experimental design company, was founded in 1958 by six influential British artists: Robyn Denny, Peter Blake, Tom Adams, Bernard Cohen, Barry Daniels, and Edward Wright. The son of Barry Daniels, Mark Daniels, discovered a collection of unseen works by the artist collective in the basement of the Georgian manor house that was the communal home for Danad.

The exhibition is of limited edition wall art prints and furniture from the iconic collective reputed to be the evolutionary ‘missing link’ between Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.

Exhibiting historic works of art & furniture from the DANAD collective never before seen by the public plus collaborations with other artists.

The exhibition opens to the general public Saturday 8th – 9th October and again on the 13th-16th October in the Viking Gallery, Margate. www.facebook.com/DANADdesign58