Looping the Loop: Scratch A Round

25 Sep 2016

Looping the Loop Festival – Scratch A Round at Roundabout. Roundabout and Scratch a Round are presented as part of the Margate SightSeeking Festival 2016

On Sunday 25th September, from 5-6:30pm, Looping the Loop present: SCRATCH-A-ROUND Takes place at the Roundabout pop-up theatre at Marine Gardens, Margate. 

Go along and see theatre invented before your eyes, acclaimed performers develop new ideas intoexplosive existence. Forget stuffy auditoriums and one-way conversations, this is all aboutaudience members' responses shaping shows.

Looping The Loop Scratch events are always stimulating and very different – as performance artists engage directly with audience members, sharing work in progress and inviting feedback that can then help shape the shows of the future.

They have taken place in recent years at a range of venues, the last one was at Turner Contemporary this spring. For this autumn event a different format is being followed – three artists who have scratched work at previous Looping the Loop scratch events are invited back to continue what they started, taking their ideas to the next stage, informed by the previous scratch. 

Performers lined up are:

Brigitte Aphrodite & Quiet Boy: Parakeete

A poetical music piece inspired by the bright green Parakeets often seen around Thanet and the South East. Brigitte Aphrodite is a Punk Poet, Musician, Writer, Theatre Maker and Feminist Showgirl. Quiet Boy aka GARETH TOMLINSON is a Performer, Songwriter, Musical Director and Theatre Composer.

Megan Garrett-Jones: 'We Are the Bird'

A search for the all knowing bird results in the discovery that there is wisdom in multitude. A study in translation, mis-translation and plumage.Megan, who lives in Ramsgate, describes herself as 'an artist of disparate belongings.'

Tracey Ermine

Tracey Ermine is a local performance art drag queen who will be scratching her new one woman show, “Margate Famous” (working title). Living life like she’s in a play, the primadonna girl will be incorporating live monoprinting and iconic homemade neons with songs and lip-syncs. The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be… Tracey.

Scratch A Round is Suitable for ages 12+ TICKETS are FREE but you are advised to book your place in advance via the website: www.loopingtheloopfestival.org.uk