Mad House Maze

27 Oct 2016 - 31 Oct 2016

A new scare attraction at the Westgate Pavilion. A walk-through maze that will last about 30-45minutes (depending on how fast you decide to run for the exit)! You will be able to visit the patients admitted here in rooms such as; the morgue, children's bedroom/nursery, psychiatric ward and even a tunnel! (+more) as you try and navigate your way through this twisted unregulated Asylum! 

Running every evening from the 27th October until the 31st. Time slots between 7 and 10:15pm. 

You will see this theatre hall as you've never seen it before, uncovering its true colours. 

I dare you to visit the Mad House unscathed and without being admitted here yourself!

Facebook Instagram/Snapchat: mad_house2016.

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