Alan Root: A Place to Stand

03 Jun 2017 - 06 Jun 2017

About Artist: Born in London in 1946 Alan recently moved to the east coast where he fell in with artists of great talent and extraordinary patience. Surrendering his last few pennies on a studio, Alan pursued the creative urge to gain expertise with oils acrylic, wire, coffee makers and daytime television.
Another year has pasted and again the accumulated body of work has covered most of the available wall space in his home and become a walking hazard in the corridors and the studio and so another exhibition was born.

Work: The Artist Writes
For me, art is very simple. You get an idea, you submit it to paper, then canvas, then most of the time to the bin. You continue this process until you run out of ideas, paper, canvases, bins or patience.

On rare occasions ideas spin out of the above cycle and end up being stuck on a wall.
This year the landscape continues to be there every time I walk on the beach so it seems impolite not to look at it from time to time.  I still include small bits of the terrain mixed with the paint and the thick application of oils or Acrylic still gives the paint retailers customers they have been accustomed to. The large paintings are beginning to take a toll on the body and the car suspension so smaller has become beautiful in the studio this year.  Canvas has given way to wood and has produced lighter application which has been labelled as “Ghost Landscapes”, which is our attempt to enter Private Eye Pseud’s Corner.

The wire pictures continue to be a major part of the output.  Last year they literally fell into the title “Rise and Fall”, this year it has become a little more grounded, lots of stairs, walking and a small amount of leaping.  I still have time for the odd “harey” moment.

Val Whitehouse has joined in this year with a series of abstracts based on the seasons and three that aren't.  This enables anyone who comes to the exhibition to see an artist who is much better than me.

The collages this year use printed images and are mainly for exhibition but as usual I am open to offers.

There will be my traditional mash-up homage to the Tracy. Last year "Tracy Ermine" was featured in a BBC Vox Pop report but I suspect this year, as it will be the week leading up to Election Day, most of the media will be centred on the political centres of the UK instead of the Artistic Centre of the UK which is Margate. The homage wall has expanded this year and she gets the questionable honour of a collage.

While the rest of the country will be racing around and shouting at each other we offer you "A PLACE TO STAND"