Shobaleader One

22 Mar 2017

Squarepusher’s extraordinary live band Shobaleader One head off into the unknown… first, via Darkest Kent!

Featuring bandleader Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher on bass, Strobe Nazard on keys, Arg Nution on guitar and Company Laser on drums. Shobaleader One will deliver choice tunes from the Squarepusher catalogue featuring classics from albums like Hard Normal Daddy and Music Is Rotted One Note. This is an experience no Squarepusher devotee or adventurous music fan should miss.

“A crashing assault… and a danceable trip to the peripherals of electronic music” Resident Advisor

“Shobaleader One, gear shifting virtuosos whose fidegty jazz and fusion-esque bass acrobatics continues the breakneck sonic assault.” London in Stereo