When I Was Cleopatra

13 May 2017

An Entertainment about Reincarnation, Karma and Past lives with Janet Allen-Thompson.

In When I was Cleopatra Janet will entertain you with stories from her own past lives and those of her many clients over the last twenty years. After giving up her acting career Janet became a Past Life Regression Therapist. In a life 2,000 years ago she was abducted into the desert and made to work in a place that made shoes. After 10 years and two children she escaped and returned again to her village and her family and tried to undo the damage that had been done. In this life there were many parallels. She will explain about karma and your higher self, tell stories of her own past lives and those of her clients, as Buddhist monks and temple dancers, black galley slaves and American Indians, Jewish lives in the last war and lives in Egypt and many, many more.

£12 paid in Advance/Friends.
£14 on the doors.