Best Fest 2017

22 Jul 2017

Best Fest- On the green behind Newington Community Centre

Newington's Annual Community Arts Festival featuring arts, music, crafts, food, community stalls, festival tipis, sports & more

Best Fest is all about kindness, bringing people together to share activities, help one another and enjoy each other's company, essentially making the world a better place. This will be its 3rd year running and in previous years there have been around 400 people attend and benefit from what is on offer and engage with different services to improve their lives.

This event promotes wellbeing and togetherness for residents in the local area and beyond through interactive arts. We have local service providers for example: Police, Social Landlords, Citizens Advice attending, amongst others promoting what help there is out there for the community along with volunteering opportunities on offer. Through volunteering we know it increases people's skills, self-worth and confidence and hopefully employment. We are holding this in Newington as it is registers high on the scale deprivation and is a very hard to engage community with complex needs. Through events like this it encourages community cohesion, wellbeing and combats isolation.

There will be lots of free interactive activities for the whole family, from adding to the arts installation, originally started by the Young Voices of Newington, Margate Task Force encouraging people to make their homes safe, Age UK creating community canvases with participants, showcasing Newington's Youth club films which the young people have made to combat bullying, Sports 4 NRG engaging with healthy sports, Newington Big Local with healthy eating and gardening, local churches with activities held within their spaces and local bands and choirs which visitors can join in with.

Each stand will have their own message to get across, whether it is fire prevention to play days available but they will all be themed around kindness which is so important for communities like Newington.

Bring a picnic

All Free