Barry Kirk: Dreamlandscapes

26 May 2017 - 30 Sep 2017

Canterbury School of Art tutor and artist, Barry Kirk, to showcase his latest exhibition, Dreamlandscapes.

Capturing the vibrancy, color and ambience of Dreamland in its heyday, Barry Kirk’s artwork provides a snap shot of the amusement park’s past and people.

In 1963 whilst teaching at Canterbury School of art, Barry was ending one creative phase and beginning another. On an impulse, he took himself to Dreamland and began to document the sights, sounds and people.

His colourful and energetic pieces not only demonstrate his pioneering creative methods but also the rides, attractions and personalities of Dreamland during this period of its history. From the “Real Live Girl” attraction to the rides and their occupants, Barry’s paintings and drawings could be as much of today as they are yesterday. All with recognisable rides and moments that speak not only to the Dreamland visitor but the visitor of any seaside resort.

In association with the Dreamland Trust