Ramsgate Festival: Littoral Light II

28 Jul 2017

Part of the Ramsgate Festival

Following its enormously successful debut in 2016, Littoral Light is back again for a second year. Back by popular demand, with many more artists taking part, this beautiful, illuminated, twilight art exhibition is uniquely set on a remote stretch of the tidal zone of Ramsgate beach. 

At 9pm, when the sun has set and the tide reaches its lowest point, artists will temporarily take over the beach to create magnificent light sculptures, performance and sound installations.

The art will be installed, curated and shown in the short time frame of just a few hours before the tide returns. All traces of the exhibition will vanish overnight leaving only the waves against the iconic whitechalk cliffs of the Kent coastline.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to become part of the show by bringing along their own torches and lanterns to light their way as they discover the works amongst the rocks, sand, caves and cliffs.

Don’t miss this magical evening experience.

The exhibition is created by Article10, a Thanet-based artist collective. The group was formed in 2016 to pioneer innovative approaches to public art in unusual public spaces.