Heritage Open Days

10 Sep 2017

Part of the Heritage Open Days Scheme

Dickens House Museum celebrates Charles Dickens long connection with the seaside town of Broadstairs.

In the reminiscences of Charles Dickens’ son Charley, while on holiday in Broadstairs he and his father regularly had tea and cakes in the parlour with the kindly and charming Miss Mary Pearson Strong, the inspiration for Betsey Trotwood in the novel David Copperfield. The Museum is housed in the cottage, with the descriptions in the novel of the square garden full of flowers and a parlour of old fashioned furniture still visible to the visitor today.

The Museum holds a fascinating collection of items associated with Dickens, and with his time in Broadstairs, including writing tools, prints, letters, and publications, as well as a wider collection of items relating to the history of Broadstairs and Victorian England.

The museum is staffed by volunteer guides who are keen to share their wide knowledge of Charles Dickens and Broadstairs with visitors