Big Foot...and tiny little heartstrings

12 Oct 2017

Highrise Theatre with Black Theatre Live & Stratford Circus Arts Centre present

Big Foot...and tiny little heartstrings

When the euphoric highs of teenage life in south London collide with his mum's terminal illness, all Rayleigh wants to do is watch anime in his pants and eat indomie.

Love, life and masculinity meet head-on as Rayleigh tries to find his feet, torn between the new girl in his life and being there for his mum, while trying not to make the same mistakes as his dad.

With Guyanese folk stories, grime, roti and raucous energy, BIG FOOT is a funny and impassioned portrayal of becoming a man and the responsibility that comes with it.


Written by Joseph Barnes-Phillips

Directed by Dominic Garfield