Gary Lucas

11 May 2018

An evening with the legendary guitarist, songwriter, composer and author Gary Lucas.

Gary infamously worked with a plethora of legendary American artists – notably the late greats Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart and Lou Reed.

He wrote the remarkable title track ‘Grace’ and ‘Mojo Pin’ with the young Buckley from his only LP proper.

The ‘Don’ of Captain Beefheart swallowed Gary into the band for the memorable LP’s ‘Doc at The Radar Station’ and ‘Ice Cream for Crow’.

The Music Hall show:
In this unique, insightful and personal performance Gary will project rare archival footage of him with Buckley and Beefheart, spin unreleased tracks of his works with his many collaborators and discuss his wider career and writings in great depth.

Armed with his 1942 Gibson J-45 throughout the show Gary will play live renditions of the much loved songs he co-wrote as well as select works form his formidable back-catalogue – each song given context by form of introduction, musings and memories shared.


Book Review | ★★★★ Mojo
Touched By Grace: My Time With Jeff Buckley

Exact from his book…
“Suddenly, this skinny, longhaired kid who had been lounging against the wall inside sprang forward to confront me, rolling and popping his eyes, intensely vibing me with his own personal voodoo. He looked electric, on fire—as if he was about to jump out of his own skin. He was the very image of the young Tim Buckley—same sensual, red-lipped mouth, same sensitive, haunted, blazing eyes. He was a beautiful boy: so charismatic, so handsome, his chiseled face both angelic and demonic. This was obviously Jeff Buckley.”

Touched By Grace is a revealing account of the time Gary spent working with Jeff Buckley during Jeff’s early days in New York City. It describes their magical first performance together at the Greetings From Tim Buckley concert in 1991, the creation of their landmark songs ‘Grace’ and ‘Mojo Pin,’ their plan to take on the world together in Gary’s band Gods and Monsters—and then the moment when Jeff pulled the plug, opting instead to pursue a solo deal with Columbia Records, the very label that had recently cut short its contract with the original incarnation Gods and Monsters.