Freak Power

23 Mar 2018

Freak Power was founded by bassist Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) and Ashley Slater (Loose Tubes, Microgroove) mixing acid jazz with funk soul and trip hop.

Their debut single “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out” went on to become a big chart hit in 1993 taking samples from the rare groove classic “Flo” the single ultimately was featured on a Levi’s Advertising campaign.

The debut album “Drive-Thru Booty” came out in 1994 featuring the singles “Rush“, “Get in Touch” & “Waiting for the Story to End“. The 1996 album “More of Everything for Everybody” featured the singles “Can You Feel it?“, “Let it Go” and “New Direction“.

Catch Freak Power here at Olby’s for an exclusive warm up before their London show


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