Weather & tidal times

The resorts of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate benefit from their own micro-climate, which means visitors to the area often, enjoy warmer, drier weather than other parts of the county.

Watch the Tides - the idea of walking from one bay to another may be appealing, but ensure you don't get cut off by the tide. High and low tide information is often written at each beach by the Bay Inspector. Local tide tables are also available from our Visitor Information Centre. 

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Tide Times & Heights for
Margate on 30th August 2014

03:28 - High Tide (4.60m)
09:29 - Low Tide (0.90m)
15:42 - High Tide (4.60m)
21:51 - Low Tide (0.70m)


Tide Times & Heights for
Broadstairs on 30th August 2014

03:10 - High Tide (4.40m)
09:38 - Low Tide (0.80m)
15:25 - High Tide (4.40m)
22:00 - Low Tide (0.60m)


Tide Times & Heights for
Ramsgate on 30th August 2014

02:40 - High Tide (5.00m)
09:38 - Low Tide (0.90m)
14:51 - High Tide (5.10m)
21:56 - Low Tide (0.70m)