Looking across sandy beach with people sat or playing in the sea. Stone pier in background with flats, businesses and gallery building. Blue sky with some white cloud
Margate Main Sands

Murky Margate Tours

Every Saturday at 4pm meeting at Droit House

A new, guided historical murder town trail in and around Margate’s Old Town, hearing tales unfold about the darker side of Margate’s history.

Tales include

  • Murder at the Metropole
  • Margate’s link to the Chocolate Cream Killer
  • A suspicious death off Margate’s jetty
  • An unusual discovery in The Parade cinema
  • The murder of Mary Ann Bridger

Opening Times

Saturday at 4pm, all year round
Private tours available


Meet at Thanet Visitor Information Centre
Droit House
Stone Pier

Entry Price

Pre-booking essential £10 pp