Real Life Games

*Closed until further notice*

Our immersive, themed game rooms will appeal to the detective and the hero in all of us and offer the excitement of a thriller movie or treasure hunt. The opportunity to leap right into the very heart of your favourite novel and become the main character provides escapism on a whole new level.

Real Life Games offers you the opportunity to finally put the notorious killer behind bars, to be instrumental in finding the cure to a catastrophic virus sweeping the earth or to piece together the strange and wonderful clues in a fantasy world limited only by your imagination.

Opening Times

Thursday and Friday 5pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 10.30pm


Real Life Games
Broad Street Hall
3a Broad Street
CT11 8NQ

Entry Price

2 player game £50
3 player game £60
4 player game £70
5 player game £80
6 player game £90
7 player game £100
8 player game £110