Sarah Thorne Theatre Company, Broadstairs

A Double Bill

Friday and Saturday 7.30pm and Sunday 2.30pm

Hags Ahoy Theatre Company present A Double Bill

"Right of Entitlement" - Cleo is a strange girl. Happy at home, happy at school. So what's her beef? And why the graffiti?

"An Aunt Too Many" - Aunts are the bane of Bertie Wooster's life. So when he discovers he has one more than he knew about, his enjoyment of life is sorely challenged; and worse, Jeeves seems disinclined to help. A play celebrating two of P G Wodehouse's finest creations.

A Community Production


Sarah Thorne Theatre
Fordoun Road
CT10 2BN

Entry Price

£11 Advance/Friends
£13 Doors

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