Anthony Giles 'Shade and Darkness - Light and Colour'

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Anthony Giles - Shade and Darkness - Light and Colour (Goethes theory)

To celebrate the Turner prize coming to Margate...

As one of our leading and best selling landscape artists, Lovelys Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Anthony Giles.

Shade and darkness - Light and Colour is a collection of new paintings inspired by two of J M W Turners paintings ‘The evening of the deluge’ and ‘The morning after the deluge’. Both pieces were inspired after Turner had read a book titled ‘Goethe’s theory of colours’. Goethe’s book dismissed Isaac Newtons ‘ Opticks ‘ teachings, stating that Newtons error was, “ treating maths over the sensations of his eye! “ Indeed Goethe further states “ Yellow is a light which has been dampened by darkness and Blue is a darkness weakened by light”.

“Goethe’s statement holds true to all artists who are inspired by colour, light and shade. In the darkest of shadows there are the richest purples, greens and blues and in the brightest of lights there are subtle shades of yellow, red and orange. This juxtaposition of colour is the essence of any painting, above detail or definition it is this myriad colour play that holds the viewer on target whilst the eye savours the sensation” A. Giles

Anthony's artistic influence comes from varied aspects of the art world. Having been born and living in Margate much of his life it is no surprise that J M W Turner holds perhaps the biggest influence over Anthony’s work and indeed, his working methods. Others who inspire him are Edward Seago, Fred Cumin and Kurt Jackson.

Painting mostly on gessoed board Anthony starts many of his paintings en plein air, either starting with a soft colour wash or a smaller oil sketch. He uses turpsy washes, glazes and Michael Harding paints to achieve the desired effect. Using brushes, fingers, rags and his essential palate knife, Anthony layers subtle colour over colour onto the textured board, building a depth and richness of transient light that conveys that immediate essence of a sudden squall or a burst of
sunlight onto a stormy sea.

Anthony's trademark pieces are a sunrise or a sunset reflecting soft colours onto a wet foreshore. His ability to capture the moment with such a delicate application of colour, allowing light to emanate from his subject with a radiance that holds the viewers gaze, is truly magical. Anthony's work has become much sought after in recent years and is held in collections worldwide.


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