Antony Collings "Under the Canopy"

Open Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm

Under the Canopy features a series of new abstract paintings that play with the urban space overlaid with the natural environment. The show takes a critical look at society's interpreted view of inner city decline and juxtaposes it with the beauty of nature.

The paintings create a temperament related with particular local areas and memories of overseas travel which is all reflected in the choice of medium and colour. Working in an assortment of mediums including, Oils, Acrylic, Spray Paint and old worn posters, Antony creates contemporary abstract works by building layer upon layer over a period of time to leave the effects of a fusion of street art, vibrant graffiti with a natural contemporary twist 

Although self-classified as emerging, Antony is an international selling artist who has recently exhibited his work in London's street art mecca, Shoreditch and Brooklyn, New York. His works are held in private collections across America, Canada, Netherlands, Norway and many European countries


Lovelys Gallery
248 Northdown Rd

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