Archaeology for Kids

Ever wondered what an archaeologist does and how they do it? Perhaps you are interested in environmental archaeology, looking for clues of the interaction between humans and their environment. Maybe Prehistory fascinates you.

Come along and join in some of our junior workshops. Excavate and record finds, sieve through samples and learn what fossilised poo can tell us! Hold half a million years of history in your hand in the shape of a Palaeolithic hand-axe then have a go at making one yourself (out of something much softer than flint!).

Tuesday 28th 10am-12pm What does an Archaeologist do? For Ages 7+ £13.50

This popular 2-hour workshop explores the many different sides to archaeology and helps children to understand the journey of an object from excavation to exhibition. We will look at stratigraphy, dating methods, and some of the tricky bits of understanding the archaeological record. The children will learn the value of recording before completing their own mini excavation.

Wednesday 29th 10am-12pm What is Environmental Archaeology? For ages 8+ £14

Sieve through samples taken from site, identifying seeds and bones before examining and analysing the contents of a sample of human waste

Thursday 30th 10am-12pm Journey into prehistory For ages 8+ £14

Come along and find out the answers to these and more questions on a journey through prehistory. Hold half a million years of human history in the palm of your hand - Palaeolithic hand-axes, Mesolithic wood-working tools, Neolithic flint tools, Bronze Age axes and arrowheads, along with the earliest examples of pottery we have. Finish your journey by carving your own hand-axe or arrowhead from soap to take home.

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The Antoinette Centre
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From £13.50