Credit Hufton + Crow SMALL
Credit Hufton + Crow SMALL

Art Rebels Workshops

Saturdays and Sundays from 6th November - 19th February

Drop in 1pm - 4pm

Every weekend we’ll be running creative workshops for families, inspired by ideas and artwork from the four different rooms in the Turner Contemporary Open.

Have a go at weaving using a peg loom, make a photo collage of yourself, write poetry on ceramics, and invent your own gallery gadget to experience the art around you in new ways. Workshop activities will alternate each weekend...

First weekend of each month: Mix it up Montages: Turn a portrait of yourself into something else using collage inspired by Margate Pride’s Gallery I Just Can’t Think Straight.

Second weekend of each month: Life’s Rich Tapestry: Learn traditional techniques of weaving and wrapping, by contributing to a collaborative piece or making your own inspired by Age UK Thanet’s Gallery Colourful Creative Lives.

Third weekend of each month: Gallery Gadgets: Slow down and experience the gallery in different ways by making a periscope or inventing your own gallery gadget. Inspired by Turner Contemporary Access Group’s Gallery Open for Everyone.

Fourth weekend of each month: Poetry Tiles: Get your message across by decorating a ceramic tile with words / images of your choice inspired by Canvas 4 Equality’s Gallery This is a Movement Not a Moment.

Takes place on the balcony space at the top of the stairs.

Please note there is a limited capacity for this drop-in event due to measures in place to protect visitors and staff.

During holidays workshops will be running from Wednesday – Sunday.


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