Count Arthur Strong - Is there anybody out there?

As well as being the all-round entertainer we all know and love from the telly, Count Arthur Strong is also a lifelong fan of astronomy. Since having been given a microscope, or whatever it is they use, for Christmas when he was a small precocious baby. In fact, it’s said the first word he spoke was ‘Uranus’. In this, his brand-new show, he seamlessly combines the very best showbiz entertainment you’ll currently find, in the world, possibly? As he wrestles with some of the big questions that other all-round entertainers shy away from. Such as:

Are we alone in the universe?

Is there life on Mars bars?

And more!



Theatre Royal
Addington Street


01843 292795

Entry Price

Full Price £20
Restricted View £17.50

*Booking fees – £1 per ticket in person/phone. £2 per ticket online