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Pie Factory Margate

Five Go Mad in Margate: Peter Saunders, Gordon Fox, Jo Turner, Donna Langridge and Fran Ballard

Five Go Mad in Margate is an exhibition by a talented group of local artists...

Peter Saunders is a celebrated and well known artist, who’s inspiration is drawn from diverse subject matter varying from forties film noir, to prize fighters of the twenties and youth sub-cultures of the eighties. A longing for bygone eras is a constant theme throughout Peter Campbell Saunders’s evocative portraits and landscapes.

Gordon Fox, a Broadstairs born sculptor works in iron, steel, copper, brass, stone and wood. Ten years ago he was inspired by a Master Blacksmith to pick up a hammer and beat hot metal into beautiful objects. Gordon uses the traditional skills and techniques of the blacksmith, making art from metal, stone and driftwood scavenged from local beaches; reshaping old tools, bits of machinery or any steel objects that he can find.

Jo Turner works her magic with glass, ceramics and the paintbrush from Quex Park. Exploring the links between science, art and environment, her work draws upon aspects of nature. Having a scientific background, she tries to bring together technical aspects of form and materials, expressed as art. Much of her sculptural and glass work is inspired by the sea, sunken treasure and living coral.

Donna Langridge is a self taught artist, specialising is Pyrography, following in the footsteps of her late Grandmother. The ancient art of Pyrography is perfect for capturing real depth and texture which is ideal for creating detailed pieces involving wildlife.

Fran Ballard is a realism sketch artist, who lives and works in the beautiful Garden of England, Kent. From a young age, Fran has believed that you can create anything that you can see in your mind. Realism sketching played a big part of Fran’s school years, but upon leaving school, put it to rest to bring up her children. More recently, during the Covid-19 lockdown periods, Fran has re-visited her skill set and is currently working towards hyperrealism sketching.


Pie Factory Margate Gallery
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