Couple walking down steps of Turner Contemporary, Margate with tables and chairs in the background
Turner Contemporary, Margate

'Isle of Sound' by Emily Peasgood

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Located at Birchington-on-Sea,Westgate-on-Sea, Margate, Broadstairs, Dumpton Park, Ramsgate and Minster

Isle of Sound is the first artwork created for the new Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership, a new initiative by Turner Contemporary in collaboration with Thanet District Council and support from Southeastern.

Isle of Sound celebrates the sonic diversity and uniqueness of different parts of Thanet. Emily Peasgood has created a unique soundscape for each of the 7 Thanet train stations, with sounds familiar to each Thanet town contributing to the composition. Each soundscape has been composed using field recordings and sounds recorded and submitted by community groups local to each of the stations, with over 100 people from across the Isle attending online workshops with Emily to develop and record sounds to contribute to the project.

Each of the 7 compositions form one masterwork which can be heard on the Turner Contemporary website.


Thanet Train Stations - Birchington-on-Sea, Westgate-on-Sea, Margate, Broadstairs, Dumpton Park, Ramsgate and Minster


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