Jack & the Beanstalk


Looping the Loop stage a two-day street panto in Ramsgate town centre for family groups

Live actors and spectacular puppets will be placed in and around various empty shops along the High Street to tell the story of Jack & The Beanstalk with a big difference - you and your family will play the role of Jack!

You turn up with your family at your allocated time on Ramsgate High Street and meet Fairy Nuff. She sends you on your way (in rhyme, of course) to visit your mum, but along the way you meet your brother, Silly Billy, who has brought Daisy the Cow for you to sell at Market. You follow the signs to market and come across a strange old man who trades you some beans for Daisy. Now, you must find mum and let her know the good news… later you’ll meet a terrifying Giant (built and operated by master puppeteer James Frost.)

Each of the characters from the story will be located within an empty shop or at a landmark on Ramsgate High Street and the event takes “Jack” on an immersive walking journey from one character to the next. The route is kept secure by the “villagers”; volunteers from the local area; East Kent College students and the Theatre Royal Margate Youth Theatre.


Ramsgate High Street

Entry Price

Tickets will be sold in groups