Maggie Gee - Blood

How hard is it to write truthfully about families? How frank can you be about the terrible and hilarious things that go on? Join author Maggie Gee in a discussion and reading of her new novel, Blood- the first to be set in East Kent.

Monica, the massive, sexy, six-foot teacher heroine of Blood, wants to take revenge on her brutal dentist father, but it seems others have been there before her. All her siblings have motives - but it’s Monica who flees after the attack, with Dad not far behind her. Set in the aftermath of #metoo and in a near future where terrorism is almost routine, this is a laugh out loud black comedy about a serious topic - if we take revenge, will the circle of violence ever stop?

Wheelchair accessible venue

11am- 12.30pm


Turner Contemporary
Foyle Rooms


01843 233000

Entry Price

Free - donations welcome