Nancy Charley Poetry Matinee

Poet and storyteller Nancy Charley presents The Gospel of Trickster, a new poem that forms the basis of a monologue created by Charley and theatre director Tamar Saphra. Charley’s audacious antihero, Trickster, is a ‘sorcerer of shit, shape-shifter, who can become lion, whale, snake, bone-sifter, shadow-filler, master of taunt and tease, who dares persuade an angel wrong is right.’ And so he slips into the gospel stories to cause a bit of disruption and mayhem.

The performance is accompanied by a new book from Hercules Editions, which features the poem in full, essays by Charley and cultural commentator Sophia Deboick, and specially-commissioned drawings from artist Alison Gill inspired by children’s Bibles, gaming culture and fairy tales. The images and poem together stress the sometimes dark, sometimes playful nature of this retelling of the Gospel story for modern times.



Tom Thumb Theatre
2 Eastern Esplanade


01843 221791

Entry Price

£5 for performance only

£12 for performance and book (a saving of £3 on the cover price of £10)