'No Stone Left Unturned': an exhibition of dust sculptures and drawings at The Margate Caves

‘No Stone Left Unturned’ will feature works inspired by certain historical figures and people associated with the site of the Caves and the surrounding area of Margate. Using his signature material of dust, Hazelton has sculpted figures based on some of these people, whilst the pencil-drawn “shadows” of these figures depict their lives and legacies.

Key figures featured in these new works include: – 18th-century natural philosopher, science educator, and author Margaret Bryan who, as well as running a girls’ school above the Caves, played a pivotal role in the progression of female science writers in Britain.

Physicist, engineer and inventor Hertha Ayrton, whose stay in Margate in 1901 inspired her to investigate sand ripples – a scientific mystery until the publication of her groundbreaking 1904 paper The Origin and Growth of Ripple Marks (this was also the first paper authored by a woman to be read before the Royal Society).

Paul will be including some ripple mark drawings inspired by Ayrton’s experiments. Dr Arthur Walton Rowe, the eminent Paleontologist (considered the greatest chalk fossil expert to this day), was responsible for discovering several zones in the chalk cliffs of Thanet. Paul decided to sculpt Rowe in chalk collected from the beach rather than from dust, and his shadow is drawn in chalk rather than pencil. Paul’s journal containing his research for the project will also be on view as part of the exhibition. A number of free events have also been devised alongside this exhibition. 

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The Margate Caves
1 Northdown Road