POW! Power of Women now in its 4th year

A festival of arts and culture celebrating International Women's Day exploring the issues and challenges women and girls face today and celebrates our achievements so far. For full programme details visit www.powthanet.com 

Friday 8th March

  • POW Opening Ceremony at  Margate Station and Turner Contemporary
  • Wink the Other Eye at Lido Cliff Bar
  • Women and Power at Radio Margate

Saturday 9th March

  • Self Esteem at Ramsgate Music Hall
  • Question Time at Turner Contemporary
  • United Mothers at Turner Contemporary
  • Songs for Freedom at Turner Contemporary

Sunday 10th March

  • Landing Place at Turner Contemporary
  • Bee’s Bookshare Sisterhood Special at Radio Margate
  • Maggie Gee - Blood at Turner Contemporary
  • Things with Words at Ramsgate Music Hall

Monday 11th March

  • Women, Diversity, Acts - Are we cutting the mustard? at Dreamland

Tuesday 12th March

  • Discoveries at Dreamland

Wednesday 13th March

  • Unshakeable at Tom Thumb Theatre

Thursday 14th March

  • The Wedding at Tom Thumb Theatre
  • Motherhood and Leadership at Cliffs

Friday 15th March

  • The Mermaid’s Purse at Sailor’s Church, Ramsgate

Saturday 16th March

  • Cyst-er-Act at Turner Contemporary
  • Suffragette at Sarah Thorne Theatre
  • Jungle Girls at Ramsgate Music Hall
  • A Safe Place at Turner Contemporary
  • Welcoming All Sisters at Turner Contemporary

Sunday 17th March

  • Streetwalking at Turner Contemporary
  • The Fashion Chronicles at Turner Contemporary


Venues across Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate

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Many events are Free