Ramsgate Walk & Talk Tours

Tours run Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday commencing Friday 28th May 2021.

12pm & 3pm (approximate tour duration 90 minutes)

Do you realise that this little corner of England is loaded with so many events that have shaped the course of English history? 

From its seaborne invasions this island has never been the same. We will be talking about the influence of the Romans and those that followed. We will start at West Cliff Promenade from the cliff where man has been looking out for possible signs of invasions from pre history times. Hear about its associations with amazing historical figures, poets, painters, revolutionaries and great benefactors who have enriched the towns history.

The tour will lead us through these periods of history at a gentle pace through to the Ramsgate of today.

Top 5 Tour Highlights

1. ‘ Where time began’.

Before Greenwich meantime was established it was in Ramsgate where seafarers first set their chronometers to measure time from the clock on the Maritime Museum where it still proudly displays Ramsgate mean time which is 5 minutes and 41 seconds BEFORE Greenwich !!

2. Augustus Pugin and Gothic Britain

The extraordinary 19th century architect Augustus Pugin and his church St.Augustine’s whose mission to recreate a gothic inspired renewal in church buildings is buried.

3. ‘Inspiring & Aspiring Arches’.

Where will you find a great bit of Victorian engineering ? On Ramsgate’s Royal Parade by the harbour. The connecting of West and East Cliff for the first time with a new road adding in typical Victorian flourish , decorative terracotta & brick arches to support it.

4. ‘ Sea light and Turner ‘

Painters such as Turner and others have been mesmerised by the light of the Thanet coast. Seascapes in many other locations can't always reflect the meditative qualities that you find here .

5. Ramsgate’s Famous Rockeries ‘

The Victorian craze for rock gardens started here. The first coastal landscaping site of artificial rock unified the town and led to it finding its way to Buckingham Palace gardens .

Private, Family and group tours are available. Themed tours and tours in Spanish or bi-lingual are available on request

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The Lookout Cafe
Westcliff Promenade
CT11 9JY

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