Redbull Quicksands 2019

After its thrilling inception in 2018, Red Bull Quicksand will return to Margate, Kent on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

The brutal, one-mile beach race sees runners battling through sand – and a treacherous series of obstacles – to make it to the finish. Last year, the course presented runners with trenches, rollers and whopping sandcastles, with the tallest climb a staggering 23 feet tall – almost the height of two double-decker buses. This 2019 edition promises even bigger, tougher obstacles, including a new loose sand tabletop obstacle, set to challenge runners even further.

Open to a bigger field of 750 participants this year, the knockout format will also be more competitive. Like last year, the top finishers in each heat will take on the gruelling course all over again in the semi-finals and, if successful, the finals.

"How hard can one mile be," we hear you ask. Participants compared the experience last year to "a bad dream you can't run away from", "a really evil high-intensity workout" and to "running in high heels".

Sound like your idea of fun? See you on the beach!



Margate Main Sands

Entry Price

£30 entry fee