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The Society

22nd July - 4th September 2022

An immersive escape experience at The Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate

The Nayland Rock Hotel, once Margate's most glamorous destination, visited by the rich and famous. A downstairs bar, The Crescent Suite, hosted regular meetings of a little known Society. When the Hotel closed for renovations in the 1980's the Society and the bar's Landlady vanished without a trace.

​The Crescent Suite never reopened.

​For years rumours have persisted of valuable items hidden away in the suite and then, with the death of an American man in 2021, clues came to light of those items whereabouts. The dead man's children, The Twins, live in the US and can't come to find them themselves, but...

​...with the help of a friendly security guard they can get you inside.

​Can you help ?

For a finders fee of course.

Suitable for Ages 10 and up, under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult. "The Society" contains lighting effects and loud noises. Unfortunately due to the site specific nature of the experience and the Grade 2 listing of the Nayland Rock Hotel there is no step free access.

36 Inch Penguin was founded in 2021 by award winning theatre maker Richard Hammarton. The wider team includes lighting designers, game designers, video designers and set designers all with huge experience in the immersive world.

Using Site Specific locations, 36 Inch Penguin combines Theatre, Story Telling and Escape Room mechanics to create truly Immersive Experiences.

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Nayland Rock Hotel, 1-5 Royal Crescent, Margate


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