The Tourist: Ellen Harvey & JMW Turner

The Tourist is a new upcoming exhibition by British born, New York based artist Ellen Harvey paired with JMW Turner.

"We live in a world that often feels as if it is vanishing before our eyes. Places we love disappear. Places we have hoped to visit cease to exist. The forces of war, time, ideology, greed and natural disaster are constantly remaking places that we love but cannot control or save." Ellen Harvey

Is there a place you have always wanted to visit or revisit that no longer exists?

If so then you could play a part of one of our upcoming exhibitions…

In summer 2020 we are working with Kent born, New York based artist Ellen Harvey on her first ever solo UK exhibition, paired with JMW Turner. Incorporating large-scale installations, paintings and etchings, the exhibition will explore themes of tourism, ecology and our relationship to place, image-making, nostalgia, and loss.

Ellen is asking for nominations of loved and lost venues to paint for her new work in the show. The sites to be depicted will be a combination of famous lost sites and crowdsourced venues that mean a lot to people. They don’t have to be large monuments – they can be a favourite place you went to as a child; a nostalgic café that brings back memories; a place you never got the chance to see for yourself before it was destroyed or replaced; or even a landscape or a specific tree that’s no more.

She is creating a large-scale installation of these sites, and wants to include a selection of locations from around the world, near or far, when the show comes to Turner Contemporary.

So let us know what place you miss that no longer exists. You can email Ellen at with your name, contact details, your nominated site and the reason for your choice.

Alternatively, click here to fill out a form and your nomination could end up on the walls of Turner Contemporary come May 2020.

There is no guarantee that Ellen will use your suggestion but if she does, your name (unless you request otherwise) will be on the rear of the painting, you will be credited in any books that she publishes on the project and you will be invited to all showings of the project.

More details about the full exhibition will follow in the coming weeks.



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