Virgin Territory - Film Installation

Vincent Dance Theatre’s film installation takes an uncompromising look at our hyper-sexualised digital culture and its impact on girls and young women growing up today, ever more relevant since the emerging and continuing #MeToo movement. We all want to be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’, but what effect does constantly performing for the camera have on our sense of self-worth? Virgin Territory is a multi-layered film installation, performed by four children aged 12-14 and four adults, with real-life testimonies, stunning cinematography and bold performances screened across five large televisions mounted on school benches. With moving, resilient performances at its core this piece asks vital questions about responsibility as we witness children playing in an adult online world.

Film duration 75 minutes.

Wheelchair accessible venue

Open 12th, 13th and 14th, OF MARCH 10AM - 5PM




Foyle Rooms
Turner Contempory


01843 233000

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Free event