Dreamland, Margate

Hunt and Darton Dog Show

Sunday 30 September 12noon - 3pm 

Hunt & Darton are back with a brand new participatory public artwork; Hunt & Darton Dog Show. Woof!

With real prizes up for grabs, expect fast paced agility courses, some serious grooming competition and dogs uncannily like their owners. Judged using a criteria that can only be described as alternative, serious competitors should keep expectations low at all times and yes, there will be losers, lots of losers. Poop-a-scoops provided.

Bring or borrow a dog. Real dogs, fake dogs, human dogs and stuffed dogs welcome.

Who said never work with animals and children...

This is a family friendly event.

In partnership with Turner Contemporary

This event is sponsored by Hiro + Wolf, who will be providing prizes for the following categories of Hunt & Darton’s Dog Show; Best Groomed, Most Comedic, Agility, Dog that looks most like it’s owner:

1st Prize Voucher for a Hiro + Wolf collar and lead set worth £74
2nd Prize Voucher for a Hiro + Wolf collar worth £35
3rd Prize Hiro + Wolf voucher for a bow tie or bandana worth up to £1

For full details please see Dreamland website


49-51 Marine Terrace

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