Looping the Loop Festival 2018

Looping the Loop Festival – Adventures in Performance. Contemporary theatre and live performance across Thanet, in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre. www.loopingtheloopfestival.org.uk

*Sat 3rd & Sun 4th November
Hannah & Hanna in Dreamland
Writer John Retallack goes back to the hit play about two girls and we discover how life and society have changed, 15 years on. Hannah from Margate, Hanna from Kosova. A play about friendship, migration and karaoke. Supported by Looping the Loop.
Theatre Royal Margate, Addington Street
Sat 7.30pm and Sun 2.30pm

*Thurs 8th & Sun 11th November
Rendezvous in Bratislava
Miriam and her granddad are making a cabaret together. They’re the perfect double act: he’s
got the stories, she loves telling them, and they both have a flair for the theatrical. The only
problem is they’ve never met. (He’s been dead for 37 years.)A cabaret-style joyous celebration of family, friendship and music in this play about a family in Eastern Europe. Brought from Battersea Arts Centre London with Looping the Loop
Cliftonville Community Centre, St Paul’s Road, Cliftonville

*Fri 9th - Sun 11th November
Ground Control
For young people 7-12 years, no adults are allowed! Using digital technology and a series of ‘modules’, participants decide an identity for the planet, its laws and what it will hold culturally important. The result is a civilisation unique to each group that takes part.
Brought from Battersea Arts Centre London with Looping the Loop
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