Margate, Broadstairs And Ramsgate Beach Information

Useful information to help you plan your visit to the coast

Discover stunning sandy beaches and sea-carved chalk cliffs, activity havens and resort bays. Re-energising and relaxing, our coast is a giant, free-to-use, year-round, outdoor spa

The Thanet Coast’s unique coastline has fascinating marine and bird life that is associated with its sandy beaches, chalk cliffs, reefs and sea caves.

Watch the Tides
The idea of walking from one bay to another may be appealing, but ensure you don’t get cut off by the tide. High and low tide information is often written at each beach by the Bay Inspector. Local tide timetables are also available from our Visitor Information Centre or visit Ramsgate Harbour website. Check our website for weather and tidal information

Respect the Water
Respect the Water is a campaign run by the RNLI and provides information on understanding waves, tides and swimming safely in the sea. To find out more visit the RNLI website

Dog Byelaws
Find out more about our dog byelaws for our beaches and bays, by clicking here

Beach Hut Hire
To find out about hiring a beach hut at one of our beaches contact Your Leisure on 01843 296111 or visit their website for further details

All our beaches and bays are beautiful and we are proud of them, please help us to keep them that way. Take your litter away with you or put it in the bins provided.

Public Conveniences
Public conveniences at our beaches and bays are predominately open throughout the year with some seasonality. For full information please click here

RNLI Lifeguards (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), patrol our beaches and bays throughout the summer season. You will find them

*Daily cover 10am-6pm from 27 May – 3 September Margate Main Sands, Botany Bay, Joss Bay and Viking Bay
*Weekends/Bank Holidays only until 7 July – Minnis Bay, West Bay, St Mildred's Bay, Westbrook Bay, Stone Bay and Ramsgate Main Sands
*Daily 10am-6pm between 8 July until 3 September - Minnis Bay, West Bay, St Mildred's Bay, Westbrook Bay, Margate Main Sands, Botany Bay, Joss Bay, Stone Bay, Viking Bay, Ramsgate Main sands

Know your flags
Red and yellow flag – lifeguard-patrolled bathing area. Always swim between the flags and within the buoys on all beaches
Red flag – do not bathe when red flag is flying
Black and white quartered flag – Surfing Area
White cross on green flag – First Aid

Bathing Water Quality Directive
During the Summer Season (15 May – 30 September) the Environment Agency undertakes water sample tests at ‘bathing water’ beaches. These are beaches that have been formally designated by the Environment Agency as they are popular for bathing and therefore weekly water quality tests are carried out here.

Beaches are classified as Excellent, Good, Sufficient or Poor. Signs are placed at Thanet’s beaches informing swimmers of the water quality results.

More information about the water quality directive and results can be found  on the Thanet District Council website

Coastal Codes
The Thanet Coast is a valued open space used by many people for recreational activities and is highly valued for its plants, animals and birds. Please help by following these simple voluntary codes to help local wildlife and show respect for other beach users.

Respect our coastal wildlife – try to leave everything as you find it, or would like to find it
Consider our coastline and other users – take your rubbish home, report hazards; and respect the rights of other users.
Stay safe – be careful on slippery rocks, of the in-coming tide, and follow bay safety signs
Be Environmentally friendly – buy postcards or take photos of marine creatures, instead of taking marine curious

North East Kent Marine Protected Area - The whole of our coastline is covered by international and national designations for its marine and bird life. The Thanet coastline represents 20% of the UK’s and 12% of Europe’s coastal chalk and it is the longest continuous stretch of coastal chalk in Britain

Beach BBQS
Individual barbeques are permitted on all beaches and bays after 6pm. Organised group barbeques are allowed at Joss Bay, Broadstairs by prior agreement with the Foreshores Officer ( or 01843 577274)

Water User Group
Are you a fishermen, sailor, jet skier or water skier? Become a member of the Water Users Group. Register your craft and gain access to our designated facilities for safe and problem free launching. Find out more by clicking here

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