Captcha Code - The Escapement

An original game that hybrids a treasure hunt and an escape room, exploring the timeless seaside town of Broadstairs.

Participants play the role of undercover agents who must complete an important mission to save the world. After reporting to base for a briefing, and in order to solve the puzzles at
each location, participants will need to explore the local area, interact with local business allies and uncover the town’s vast history. 

Agents will be equipped with a custom-built, handheld spy device, a bag of tools and a map. The adventure is self-guided, with agents on hand if help is needed.

The mission lasts between two and three hours and covers just over a mile (1.7km). Price is £50 per group, maximum of 5 players in a group.


Unit 2, Retort House, Albion Street, Broadstairs
CT10 1NE

Entry Price

£50 per group, maximum of 5 players in a group