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Escape to Thanet

Can you take on the challenge of the Escape Rooms in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate's, to solve the mystery and make it out in time?

You’ve 60 minutes to escape a locked room, 90 minutes to finish creating ‘The Monster’, or the chance to find a cure to a catastrophic virus – channel your inner hero to unearth clues at 4 fantastic escape venues

They are great for family, friends and team building. Look out for new Escape Room venues coming in 2022

Ctrl Alt Esc - Margate

Find clues and solve puzzles to beat the clock! Enjoy a fully immersive, 90 minute, adventure game! Perfect for friends, families, couples, team building and parties!

Two games to choose from: Will you take on the challenge of Frankenscape: Finish the work of the missing Professor? Will you brave an adventure in Spacescape: Find the Escape shuttle, before your failing ship crashes? 

The Escapement - Margate

Venture into this abandoned tomb to uncover its secrets, find the pharaohs 4 canopic jars in order to escape or jump aboard the Polaris in this pirate themed adventure. Get ready to sail the seven seas and take back control of the ship or journey to the centre of the earth in the Pit, get the Earth's core spinning before it’s too late.

Pick your team (2-6 players) and you have just 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, hunt for clues, discover hidden secrets and figure out how to escape before time runs out

The Bank Job

The Bank Job, at the Counting House Bar - Broadstairs

Broadstairs' first escape room offering 

An immersive escape room experience set in old Victorian bank where you have the opportunity to rob the bank - but you won't do time for this!

Choose your gang (2-5 players). Rock up. Put your skills to the test!

The Escapement - Broadstairs 

Thanet's newest escape room offering - coming in 2022

Play new and exhilarating escape rooms and step into a world of imagination. Crafted and playable for 2-6 players.

Be transported into a wizardy world with potions and spells, go on an underwater adventure aboard a submarine or try and stop a robot from taking over the world

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