Looking along Margate defence steps to Turner Contemporary and harbour with a sailing yacht
Margate Harbour and Turner Contemporary

Accessibility Information

Wherever possible on this site we have endeavoured to list information and facilities for our visitors with mobility, visual or hearing difficulties within each section.

Should you require additional information, please contact the Visitor Information Services on 01843 577577 or visitorinformation@thanet.gov.uk 

A copy of the Thanet Visitor Information Centre Access Statement can be seen here

Read more about accessibility in Margate with this free VisitEngland guide

  • Accommodation Toggle accordion content

    Facility symbols on adverts provide a quick reference to the facilities available at each establishment.

    You can also use this document to quickly compare the facilities at all of our Hotels and Guesthouses:

    Printable Accommodation Guide

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    Disabled access and facilities have been included within each attraction's individual entry. Please check your specific requirements with the attraction/s prior to your visit.

    We have also included the following:

    Printable Attractions' Accessibility Quick Lookup T​able

    Printable Attractions' Accessibility Full Information


  • Accessible Beaches and Bays Toggle accordion content

    Beach Within Reach wheelchairs have special inflatable tyres which makes crossing the sand easier than in a regular wheelchair. This charitable organisation has chairs on a range of beaches

    Beaches and Bays Accessible Statements 

  • Car Parking and Public Transport Toggle accordion content

    The Blue Badge Disabled Parking Scheme is run by Kent County Council and allows disabled people to park closer to shops and amenities, allowing the holder to drive or be transported to areas within towns and cities where parking is restricted.

    For further information click here or call +44 (0) 3000 416 262

    Car Parks: Details for across Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate can be found here 

    • Albion Road Car Park Birchington - 4 disabled bays
    • Alpha Road Car Park Birchington - 3 disabled bays
    • Minnis Bay Car Park, Birchington - 9 disabled bays
    • St Mildred’s Bay Car Park, Westgate-on-Sea - 5 disabled bays
    • Mill Lane Multi-storey Car Park Margate - 17 disabled bays
    • Market Street Car Park Margate - 4 disabled bays
    • Trinity Square Car Park Margate - 6 disabled bays
    • Harold Road Car Park Margate - 3 disabled bays
    • Joss Bay Car Park Broadstairs - 4 disabled bays
    • Albion Street Car Park Broadstairs - 5 disabled bays
    • Broadstairs Harbour Car Park - 4 disabled bays
    • Crofts Place Car Park Broadstairs - 3 disabled bays
    • Vere Road Car Park Broadstairs - 4 disabled bays
    • St Peters Park Road Car Park Broadstairs - 7 disabled bays
    • Albion Place Car Park Ramsgate - 2 disabled bays
    • Cannon Road Car Park Ramsgate - 5 disabled bays
    • Cavendish Street Car Park Ramsgate - 2 disabled bays
    • Meeting Street Car Park Ramsgate - 2 disabled bays
    • Royal Harbour Multi-storey Car Park Ramsgate - 22 disabled bays
    • Queen Street / Elms Avenue Car Park Ramsgate - 2 disabled bays
    • Staffordshire Street Car Park Ramsgate - 10 disabled bays
    • Marina Esplanade Car Park Ramsgate - 14 disabled bays

    Buses: Most of the routes operated by stagecoach use low floor ‘Easy Access’ buses which are wheelchair accessible. For information on using mobility scooters on local buses please contact Stagecoach Customer Services & Disabilities

    Helpdesk on 0345 6002299

    Taxis: Express Cars 0800 0472301 or 07432310330 (24/7 service)

    Wheelability: Fully accessible bikes for disabled and non-disabled people. Minnis Bay Car Park, The Parade, Minnis Bay, CT7 9QP 07718 485266 http://yourleisure.uk.com/wheelability/

    Please contact the Visitor Information Service Team for further assistance on 01843 577577

  • Mobility Hire and Services Toggle accordion content

    Click below for a list on places around Thanet which may be able to provide rented mobility aids:

    Printable Mobility Services

  • Public Conveniences Toggle accordion content

    RADAR Keys - These are available to access accessible toilet facilities from Thanet Visitor Information Centre (Margate) and Ramsgate Visitor Information Centre for £3.50 each

    Click below for a list of toilets which have accessible facilities:

    Accessible Toilet Facilities

    At Westwood Cross Shopping Centre on the 1st floor of the Management Suite is an accessible toilet facility with a hoist, a height adjustable bench, accessible handles and a state-of-the-art alarm system.